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アイコン Name: Nobuyuki Hayashi
アイコン Who I am
  • Blood type: O, Constellation: Aries
  • Hakuba Mountain Guides Association Member
  • Japan Mountain Guides Association               International Guide (UIAGM)
  • Member of rescue squad of Northern Alps distress prevention council
  • Used to be an instructor at Climbing Institute of Ministry of education
  • Participated in mountaineering guide training seminar at Valais state (Wallis state), Switzerland.
アイコン Mountain experiences
     When I was young, frequently went to the mountains with rock cliff all the season, such as Mt. Tanigawa, Mt. Hotaka, Mt. Tsurugi.
These days mainly go to local mountains (Ushiro-Tateyama mountains).

Overseas mountains experiences
   Alps (Mont Blanc mountains), Auto route (Mountain skiing, Tasman, New Zealand, Annapurna mountains with low peaks, Canadian Rockies, McKinley, Alaska
アイコン Others
   I love a little strange mountaineering (mountains with no road, mountains which can be hiked only in the season with unmelted snow remains.).

Participate in training for the rescue squad

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