Reservations for Hayashi Pension

To contact us directly and make reservations
 Address 9464-13 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture
399-9301, Japan
 TEL +81-261-72-4724


Access map

Detailed map
Aerial view

We will pick you up at Hakuba station or Happo bus center.
From Tokyo Area

 By JR Chuo line: From Shinjuku: Take express Azusa, Chuo line, and get off at the Hakuba station.
 By JR Shinkan-sen: From Tokyo station, take Nagano Shinkansen and get off at Nagano station. Take buses to Happo bus center from Nagano station.
 By from Shinjuku, take a highway bus for Hakuba. Get off at Happo bus center.

From Chukyo, Kansai district
 From Nagoya: Take Chuo Nishi-line for Matsumoto. At Matsumoto, change to Oito-line and get off at Hakuba station.

From Kansai district
 Take Hokuriku line to Itoigawa. Change to Oito-line at Itoigawa and get off at Hakuba station.
Access by car
From Tokyo

 1. Chuo Highway--Nagano Highway Toyoshina Interchange--Takasegawa-right bank bypass
   --Omachi--Road 148--Hakuba
 2. Kan-etsu Highway--Jou-shin-etsu highway, Nagano Interchange, --Olympic Road--Hakuba

From Chukyo, Kansai district
 1. Tomei Komaki junction--Chuo highway--Nagano Highway, Toyoshina Interchange
   --Takasegawa-Right bank bypass--Omachi--Road 148--Hakuba
 2. Hokuriku highway Itoigawa Interchange--Road 148--Hakuba
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