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We welcome the participation to our events and projects.

Won't you enjoy Japanese style nature experiences and

          Please itroduce us how to enjoy in your country ?


Please contact us freely, if you have interesting in

          our events and so on.


 These are our main events and projects




  1. The event and projects to create a forest where many animals can live together, and it is able to resist against various disasters.

2. Effective utilization of woods thinned from forests:   To     produces the carbonized woods (charcoal), and to research on the utilization of charcoal (cleanup of water and air, deodorizing, immobilization of carbon dioxide, cultivation of mushrooms).

3. Farming of giant firefly.

4. Recreations:  launch of hot-air balloon, harvest and cooking of mountain vegetables, camping, snow trekking, horseback riding trekking, treeing.

5. Cultivations:  mushrooms, blueberry, crimson glory vine.

        6. Holding lectures or discussion meeting on the ecology and     nature of forest.

           This year:  A forum on the ecology and creation of forest,   

                               Aug. 20, 2011 at Culture Center in Towada

                               (Towada Bunka Sentah).


 Our Organization

     Name :   Community Club of Nature in Towada (Nonprofit Organization)              

                       Dongurinomori-Yamagakukoh  (Established at July, 2008)

 Place :   Acorn Forest, Semnosawa 216, Okuse, Towada

 Representative :  Seiichi Kawamura

 Contact us :    Please contact by e-mail :  taro380@gmail.com





Finished Arvor Day


Now, you can see many fireflies in acorn forest in Towada

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