Aranna books

Why use Linux Mint?
you can use it on older hardware
there is free software
software installed from repository
no advertising or email sign up built into software
easy to install LINUX again + totally free of cost
easy to use with Windows on same hard drive
I have used Windows for many years actually.

Aranna books - what is this??

Aranna is a fictional country from the game Dungeon Siege 1.
Read here about Dungeon Siege: dungeonsiege.html
Here are various free books to read (mainly about technology), and a few softwares are shown as well.

programming books
mainly for C language.
Most of these PDFs are actually copyright free but not all.
If there is copyright, and you really use the PDF,
you should also buy the paper book.

C compilers I used for researching and learning C language.
Right now there is Borland C 3.0
It is software from 1993, and fully working.
You need DOS for this, for instance FreeDOS.
You could use an emulator, or install to a partition.
Soon I also add Aztec C. This is a bit older, from 1987,
and command line only. Back then people used computers
with just one Megabyte RAM, and two floppy disk drives.
Actually this was the first C compiler I tried (with an emulator).
It is not so easy to make it work, since there is no instruction manual.